About FBI

FBI was previously known as ESB Seminar (English Sure Boleh).

How did we first come up with ESB? This is one of the most FAQ by teachers everywhere. Our heartiest appreciation goes to our sifu, Dr. Shukri Abdullah (Seminar Bijak Belajar), who opened the door for us. Whenever both of us followed Dr. Shukri to his seminars, he’d give us a slot each and often we’d use English to present. We’d share some tips especially on Spoken English. Students loved it, so did the teachers. An idea came up – why not do a seminar on learning English that includes all four language skills? Not exam-orientated – that’s teachers’ forte. We complement and support what has been done in school by creating awareness and giving exposure on how fun learning another language is.


To ESB participants – students, teachers, parents – we thank you!


“My students enjoyed the workshop tremendously! It was full of simple but effective activities and plenty of motivation. They gave me positive feedback and can’t wait for another session. As a senior teacher,
I myself felt rejuvenated! What’s most important is the rapport the coaches had with the students. I hope my students will now see that speaking English isn’t so hard after all.”
Pn Hajjah Rahmah Sayuti, Master Teacher, SM Sains Johor.

“ESB motivates students to love English and it’s fun and energetic!”Mdm. Doria Kawen, SMK Luar Bandar, Miri Sarawak.

  1. Thank you for stopping by Bibo. You have a great day too ok?

  2. have a great day…
    remember me?

  3. we love esb seminar very much…..
    please come to our school again….
    we miss you coaches…….
    LoVE YOU…..’kim salam kat anak-anak yer’…..

  4. Saya berminat untuk menghantar anak saya berumur 12 tahun dan 10 tahun. Sila beri maklumat tempat dan tarikh yang terkini untu orogram ini.

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