Catch “Loghat”, Catch English

dsc00935_2Our last two days of 2008 were spent with 30 ‘sporting’ staff of MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) – English@Work One-Day Course.

We have just polished our Spoken English for Adults module and incorporated a new approach of catching English. A very simple one too!

*If you want to be good at another language, you must train yourself to catch local dialects first.”

Dalam kata lain, adakah anda selesa bertutur dalam loghat-loghat Bahasa Melayu yang lain?

Misalnya, anda orang Johor tetapi boleh faham dan boleh ‘kecek Kelate’ (walaupun orang kata bunyi seperti orang Siam, tidak mengapa.)

Anda orang KL tetapi boleh bersembang seperti oghang utagha naaa…tuudyaaa…

Don’t you agree if we say that the ability to communicate in different dialects is an asset?

dsc00939Now, back to our new module – to make catching English a fun process, the MIROSians trained their tongue to sing a Malay nursery rhyme in different Malay dialects (Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, etc.)We said FUN, right?

To make the learning process ‘double-fun’, in the next activity, we sang English nursery rhymes in those local dialects! Please..try this at home!


Loghat merupakan satu cabang bahasa. Alangkah indahnya bila kita, warga Malaysia, mahir bertutur dalam pelbagai loghat daerah dan negeri! Ia mengeratkan silaturrahim, menjadikan perbualan lebih rancak dan ‘happening’, membuka minda dan hati kita untuk menghargai keunikan budaya masing-masing.

Latih diri kita menjadi lebih selamba menggunakan loghat negeri orang. Lebih banyak loghat yang kita kuasai, lebih mudah kita menangkap Bahasa Inggeris kerana strategi dan prosesnya adalah sama:

USE IT! Learn a language, use the language. Learn a dialect, use the dialect.


dsc00937p/s: Our one-day course ended at 4:30 pm….and right after we said goodbye to participants, we got another invitation for the following day for the same group! Talk about rezeki..Ya Waasi’..Ya Ghanii..Ya Wahhaab.


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