We’re now into Romantic Comedy


For those of you out there who know what TV Pendidikan is, or you grew up watching it, you might want to consider going back to school.

ESB coaches and Handy Pro are embarking on a new breed of TV Pendidikan programme, namely KBSM English Form 3.  No, it won’t be the  ‘teacher talks, students listen’ kind of show.  No way, Jose!

Instead, it has a touch of romantic comedy.  What?  Educational and romantic?  Is this possible?  Hahahhh…wait and see.

The first three episodes focus on Demonstrative and Interrogative Pronouns, The Use of ‘That’, The Use of ‘As’.  (We told you it is educational!)

Guess who will be the Hero and Heroine? (not heroin ya)

dsc010872Bravo!…You guessed it right! How did you know? Coach Sha will play Kak Shidah the English tuition teacher, teaching at home. Coach Ridz will be Abang Wan, a part-time van driver who speaks broken English and has a crush on Kak Shidah.

There will be 3 students in the class; Ruben the hip-hop bro, Firah the ‘kalut’ kid  and Nina the cheeky gal.

Our house was turned into a ‘studio’ for the shooting. We would like to express our gratitude to Handy Pro for their touch of interior design that we finally made it our own.

(We like how they arranged the set and we let it stand ever since.)


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