Writing Playshop? What’s in it for my students?

Coach Ridz and I have come up with a new module – WRITING PLAYSHOP – as an extension for ESB half-day and full day seminar. This 3-hour program aims to help students enjoy writing in English. One of the most important points in this playshop is we show students how writing and reading are connected. Ample reading produces fluent writing. Here are some shots from the recent playshops conducted.

AMPAC Bdr. Baru Bangi (school holiday activity)

Can they learn by standing and jumping and laughing and hopping? Is it possible to be good at writing by doing this activity? Remember teachers, we all learn differently. Some students are visual, some auditory, some kinesthetic. Let’s do whatever it takes to help our learners get the point and understand what is being taught.

Form 4, SM Teknik Teluk Intan

More input, more output.  More reading, more vocabs and ideas for writing.

Running Dictation:  Readers read – remember the words – inform writers – writers write.

These gentlemen are ‘thinking patiently’ – that’s the name of their group.  Verb + Adverb.

Learn, learn, play – learn, learn, play  and everybody gets to go on stage too!

Form 5, SMK Ahmad Boestamam, Sitiawan

Our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Sophia of Teknik Teluk Intan and Mdm Fazidah of SMK Ahmad Boestamam!


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