August ESB

Aug 7:  Program Jejak Kegemilangan, Yayasan TNB

Coach Sha checking how ‘sporting’ the crowd is.  To be good at languages, one has to be an active learner.  In class, we can’t just sit and listen and nod our heads.  This is not language learning.  We have to mimic, repeat, write, ask, speak.  Make full use of our brain and body and of course, our heart.  Set the right intention, first.  “Innamal a’maalu bin niyyaat..”

Why kids are better language learners in some sense?  Because they just do it!  They don’t worry what people say or think about them, unlike adults and young adults.  In this life, we can’t please everybody.

“We do good, people talk.  We do bad, people talk.  We do nothing, people still talk.  Just do good, what’s good, for your own good, Inshaallah”  (Ridz&Sha).

Dalam kata lain, ‘utamakanlah pandangan Allah, daripada pandangan manusia’ (excerpt from one nasyid I heard before.)

p/s:  Thank you Mr. Zahir and the Yayasan Team for having us again!

Aug 9:  SM Teknik Langkawi

It was a rainy morning in Langkawi.  We had a ‘rocking’ time on the boat!  Thank you Ms Lily and the English Panel for organizing ESB for Educators.

These lovely ladies are selling an elegant handbag that can do lots of superb things.  The objective of this game (The Chatterbox) is to talk non-stop.  No pauses.  One person says one complete sentence, the rest starts with another sentence, until someone starts to mmm…aaahh…

The Paper Ball Game is a listening ‘test’ – how fast and how well teachers follow instructions given.  They have to move the little paper balls from one box to another.  Sounds easy?  Think again!  There’s always a catch…


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