“Stop! My Cheekbones are Hurting!” :-))

That was one of the comments we got from the Spoken English Playshop held yesterday. Apparently, the pain was caused by too much laughter and smiling during the playshop. Please don’t sue us! We admit we caused it. We swear that we will let this happen again.

What they said about the content:

“Masya Allah good, interesting” “Very good, Alhamdulillah, Masya Allah”
“Very2 good” “Nice, simple and full of humour”
“Clear and informative” “Brief enough to understand. You make English sounds so easy”
“A lot of information about English language”
“Alhamdulillah, I am glad to be here today. i do get some achievement, ideas and knowledge to share with my students and practice with my surrounding. TQ”
“Very good and I get many experience” “Ok. Very Good”
“Very Happy and happening”
“Content was good and simple. i can understand every lesson clearly. I will use them”
“Very comprehensive yet pact. Very, very interesting! Mind-boggling”
“I will recommend to all people that I meet to invite Coach Ridz and Coach Sha” by Shamsuddinkadir.com
“Great! That’s why I’m here again” : by Osman Affan

What they said about the delivery:

“Very clear and simple and applicable”
“Very nice English” “Easy and interesting”
“Masya Allah, Alhamdulillah, Very good” “Easy to understand”
“It’s very interesting”
“Penyampaian yang bagus dan skills dan cara penyampaian mudah dan berkesan”
“Sempoi and fun. I have more fun in this seminar. Thanks a lot to Coach Sha and Ridz. Mercy to both of you”
“Excellent. Changeover of speakers very smooth. flow and transition of topics very natural”
“Great! Non sleepy. Continuity is there”
“Great! That’s why I’m still here writing this” by Osman Affan

Other comments:

“You’re the best” “Lovely to hear both of you speak such excellent English”
“It was worth more than the RM50 fee. Keep it up!”
“Marvellous” “Should make it longer than 4 hours. It ended too soon.”
“If there is 10 star, I will give 9.9 star. You are great” by Shamsuddinkadir.com


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  1. So sad, i missed this program. I wish i could attend it next time. really appreciate if u guys can inform me, personally (email).

    Terima kasih

  2. Aiseh, last Saturday i was at Kota Bharu having a program. Thank you for the information. I am really speechless 🙂

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