Fun with Teknik teachers

“Teachers need motivation too” claimed a senior teacher in Teknik Langkawi.

As far as English is concerned, Science and Math teachers definitely need more ‘push’ and encouragement compared to other teachers. They are experts in their subjects but ever since the “English conversion”, it’s all a new ball game now.

The bravehearts would prevail of course, attending English courses outside the system using their own pocket money. They love to learn and make themselves better. Others would wait for the system to help them. They would attend some of the boring-but-the-food-is-good courses just to escape the daily school routine.

Most teachers find it difficult to ‘re-learn’ English simply because their comfort zone is amazingly too comfortable. How to get out from this highly magnetic zone?

1. How desperate are you? As always, it starts from within. Do I really want to change or not? Perhaps some may find complacency bearable but for some, like teachers at city/urban schools, the fact that students correcting their English is a big slap on the face. The worst part is that, the teacher couldn’t even argue the case. 2-0. Some need an external factor to push them, others change because they want to be better.

2. Once we want it, we ought to start with finding the right surrounding. The new twilight zone? The new zone, which can be and will be something very awkward. Someone who has not really been speaking in English and suddenly trying to speak will find it very uncomfortable. While feeling disoriented in the awkwardness, keep reminding yourself that this will not last long. No pain, no gain. Imagine this, since this is school-related, let’s take the boys’ toilet at school as an example. Remember the smell? Do you think the boys in their sane mind would like the smell? No way! It smells bad from the outside but when you have to go, you just ‘gotta’ go. No matter how bad the smell is, once you’re in there for a couple of minutes, you wonder, “what smell?”

So the right surrounding would be ….W.RE.ST.LE. Write, Read, Speak/Talk and Listen in English. When we WRESTLE we are actually creating an English-friendly surrounding.

Looking at “ST” specifically, i.e. speaking and talking. List down names of our colleagues, friends or family members that we meet everyday that can and do speak in English. How many? Normally if there are a few names that we see everyday and spend time chatting with, we are on the right track to be fluent. if not, then go find those who can.

We truly admire teachers who still want to learn.

“A Great leader was once a good follower. A Great teacher is always a good student”
Sha & Ridz

SM Teknik Langkawi

SM Teknik Klang

SM Teknik Port Dickson (the guy in green is the principal….double salute to Tuan Haji)

Selamba Teachers + Selamba Students = Great P&P


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