3-2-1 Action!

Coming soon to TV Pendidikan on TV 9 I WANT TO KNOW Series. 

This is a behind-the-scene show on how things are made and processed.  Guess what?  Coach Ridz will be like Ian Wright on Globetrekker.  The host/compere/reporter.  Coach Sha will do the voice-over.

The first episode is on Canning and Pasteurization and the production team (HandyPro Sdn Bhd) and Coach Ridz will do the shooting at a factory in Shah Alam.  Yup, the show’s in English.

We’ve also got another project brewing with HandyPro Team and Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (BTP).  A romantic comedy!!!

Us, acting?  The thought is already funny and can’t wait to do it.  It’s about…oops! *wink*                           Can’t let the cat out of the bag.

meaning telling a secret

letting the cat out of the bag means telling a secret

The ‘romcom’ is still in the process of scriptwriting.  Yup, also in English.

Coach Shas pick - oohh..love the script!!

Coach Sha's fav romcom - oohh..love the script!!


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