ORAL TEST? Orally! Oral B? Oh really…

salam alayk..
coach..it’s me fatimah..from ampac..i kinda have problem with my oral test..
it’s not that i never did one..it’s just that..before this the teacher chose the topic for us..and now..we had to do it on our own..i’m stuck on chosing the topic..i dunno what to talk about..
i hope you can help me..thx


Thanks for asking gal,
Well, the simplest way to find a topic is….(drum roll please)
1. Choose something that you are passionate about.
What is the one thing that you like to talk about with your friends and families or even strangers. Something that you will read on if you find one. Something that excites you. Most of the time people would relate passion with hobbies. Your hobbies can also be your passion but not entirely because some people have hobbies that they are not passionate about. They just do it because they don’t have anything else to do.
Passion is more like the sun. without it your life will be dark. Like Lord Sauron or Lord Voldemort. When you speak about your passion, your eyes will go wide and your heart pumping fast. Ever had that experience?
Anyway, do you know what your passion is? It can be people (family, friends or a ‘special friend’), or situations /events/happenings (picnic, birthday party, kenduri) or things (computers, handphones) or animals (pets, wild) or anything else under the sun… and beyond.

2. Finding topic that you know a lot about.
Something that doesn’t require you to dig too much. The information is at your fingertips.
You know them by heart. Should there be an exam pertaining the subject you’ll get the perfect score.
For example, your school, your country, your kampung, your favourite artiste or even YOURSELF. :-)) (try not to be Narcissistic ok?)

You should be able to give the details without having a second thought.

3. You can also try a topic that you would like to know more about.

Something you never knew much but it intrigues you to want to know more. Something new that’s been going on or even something old but has been suppressed in your mind all this while. Is there something you wish you know more of? When the name Barrack Obama came up, presidential hopeful of USA, it intrigued me to want to know more about
this potential presidential candidate. A black American President? So I went googling and got more than what I needed. Spark your curiousity.
This will make you do your research more and when you really look for something you will ultimately find them.

Hope that will do. Do let us know if you need more… Just say it..”Give me MORE!” 3x

With love and kisses…muahahaha

Your cute coaches.


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