Spoken English in Shah Alam!!

English Sure Boleh! Spoken English

Good news!!!


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  1. hi coach we gonna miz u so much!!!

  2. Hi,
    I’m going to apply for an IELTS exam & I stay in Shah alam,
    So if you can help me Let me know how it’s work

  3. Nur Aishah binti Zulkifli Daniel

    salam..sy ingin blajr bahasa english supaya english sy lbh mantap..sila email sy unt keterangan lanjut..

  4. salam…saya ingin belajar bahasa english dalam suasana yang menyeronokkan …tak mahu mcm belajar dalam keadaan yang membosankan…(mcm dalam kelas sekolah rendah tu) boleh tolong bantu saya….

  5. salam…boleh email sy utk keterangan lanjut..sy ingin memantapkn bahasa english sy especially in spoken..

  6. hi, im interested for this course, could u plz mail me for futher infomation….

  7. salam.. boleh email kn sy utk keterangan lanjut… sy ingin belajar bercakap,menulis,mendengar,grammar…..

  8. salam….is there any available english speaking classes for adult in shah alam?
    could you pls email me bout the pricing, venue, schedule and class content?

  9. Salam, saya ingin anak saya pandai berbahasa Inggeris. Anak saya berumur 13 tahun. Tidak mahir berbahasa Inggeris. Bila dan hari apa kelas Inggeris diadakan. Saya berminat.

  10. sorry, are your class still exist? i would like to know how much is the fees. i have only 2 persons interested in your class, so, is it possible if there is only 2 students per sessions or we have to make it at least 6?

  11. salam..hi..just wanna ask u how much for the fees per month?n in interested in speaking,reading,listening n writting..tq.

    • syuhada shawal

      Salam w.b.t…
      i would like to join in this class in order to improve my communication skills..pls email me the detail information ..i’m very interested..

  12. saya sangat lemah dalam b’basa inggeris dan sgt berminat utk mendalaminya terutamanya dalam spoken. boleh e-maikn keterangan lnjut? dr segi masa dan harga

  13. Saya berumur 33 tahu nak baiki kelemahan bahasa inggeris saya supaya lbh baik boleh ke belajar di sinj

  14. pls email me the detail of the clas, the fees because i m intersted to join the class.

  15. hye,
    kindly email me the details..time available n the fees..
    thank you in advance

  16. e-mail me the info n the fees.. thank u.. i would like to join it

  17. boleh tk emel sy detail tntang program nie…

  18. e-mail me the info n the fees.. thank u.. i would like to join it

  19. Salam. Boleh emailkan detail masa dan fees. Terima kasih

  20. hye…sy ingin belajar bahaga inggeris..cmne nk mohon

  21. Very interested to know about ur class…hope u will give me some info’s about that….

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