ESB at Sri Gading

Alhamdulillah..  for the past three years, ESB has received super-warm welcome and reception from the citizen of SMK Sri Gading.  Mdm Azimah and gang, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

This time, it was even super-duper special because the YDP PIBG of the school, Mr. Zulkarnain, stayed throughout the whole seminar (til 5 pm on a Saturday!!).  Our heartiest appreciation to Mr. Z and the team for the support and cooperation.

We agree with Mr. Z when he said that students must learn to APPRECIATE the language.  Then only they will be motivated.  Sooner or later, GOOD RESULTS in exams will be the by-product.

English is an expressive language.


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  1. It’s great to see that the English language is still so valued at SMKSG!
    You all look to be doing an excellent job.
    I recognised a few familiar faces in these photographs and felt very nostalgic. Miss you all!

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