WWE 2: Change Daily Script

Salam to all!

The question today is, “Are you willing to change?” If you say, “YES!” we salute you.

Now, talking about change, that “YES” is the first thing we’ll change today. Be different. Be unique. Be adventurous.

Starting today, no more YES, YES, YES. Understand? (Ooops.. did I hear yes again?)

Like the song in the last post (SK Sg. Bunyi ESB), we will all make our Spoken English more stylish by saying:

  • SURE

You will be making your conversation more colourful..hot and spicy too!  So, remember, whenever your mouth wants to say YES, quickly change to…one of the above.

p/s:  One more tip:  Stick to ONE word for three days (or even one week).  For example, this week, you’ll use OF COURSE only.  After you’ve become comfortable with it, next week, use a new one.  That’s the trick!

All the best.


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