WWE Tips Begin

Between traveling, homeschooling our kids and upgrading ESB, we always ‘forget’ to update this site. (Remember to update we will -hahah Yoda style of talking). From now, we will include simple and specific tips to be good at English everytime we upload photos. We call this the WWE (Wrestling with English) Tips. Something to share with you, our respected readers.

WWE 1: Let’s wrestle with English

Why wrestle? Why not? But please.. don’t start dressing up (or down) like a wrestler and go around hitting people. It’s not like that.

The word ‘WRESTLing’ is a short form for all four language skills: Writing-REading-Speaking/Talking-Listening. That’s what language is all about.

So, how to be good at English? USE it. How to use English? WRESTLE. What is wrestle? Write, read, speak, talk, listen.

Many of us have been exposed to this language since we were little – Hello, OK, Bye-bye. Then, why are we still not comfortable with it? The answer is, we haven’t been using the language. It doesn’t mean that from today, we have to converse 100% in English. Let’s get real! It means that, we must not limit learning English inside classroom walls only. Use it outside class.

How to write, read, speak, talk, listen the fun way? More WWE Tips coming soon…. Till then, bye-bye butterfly.

Now, the photos. Presenting…

The Naimians (SMKA Naim Lil Banat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan)


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  1. assalamualaikum
    we miss you so much coach Rizz and Coach Sya
    hope to meet you again
    pray for our sucess in PMR 2008~9A~(especially English)
    thanks for the ESB…
    it’s really helpful.

    did you recognise kak ‘Fathin Nabilah'(the first pic)?
    she won the Spell It Right Challenge…

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