A good language learner is willing…

to be like a kid again!

No matter how ‘senior’ you are (fifty or fifteen) in order to learn another language effectively, get ready to be like a kid again.

Why is this ‘muy, muy importante?’

(1) Kids get excited!!

When was the last time you felt excited? What happened to your eyes, did they shrink or grow bigger? Bigger, of course.

What happened to your heart, did it pump slower or faster?

Dup, dup..dup, dup…dup, dup. You bet it pumped faster.

Say this out loud: “As a start, I must get excited!”

Say it and believe it. We must get excited. We want to be excited. We like to feel excited.

What’s the connection between getting excited and learning English?

When we get excited…

We feel good.

We have fun.

We become stronger.

We have full energy.

We do all out.


So, why wait?  Come on and be like a kid again.  Think happy thoughts and seize the moment.  Enjoy using English!  (to be continued..)


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