Teachers Entertained!

Dear Educators,

If you are looking for a staff development programme, why not go for English Sure Boleh! 4 Teachers & Staff.

It is motivational and inspirational, fun and humorous and participants will get practical tips to be more comfortable using English.

Even if some of your staff/colleagues are not teaching in English, the tips shared will be helpful for their kids, siblings, grandkids, cousins, nephews, nieces, students.. you get the picture.

So, have a sense of humour – book for ESB! This is just what the doctor ordered!

Pictures below: Teachers of SM Teknik Alor Star and neighbouring schools – SM Teknik Jln Stadium, SMK Sharifah Rodziah, Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid, SMK Langgar, SMKA Kedah and more.

Below: Teachers and Staff of TEJA (SM Teknik Jengka)


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  1. smoga teknik jengka lebih maju ke depan..TEJA

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