ESB met superSTARS!










We’ve made history! The whole population of SMK Tun Abdul Razak, Selekoh (near Bagan Datoh, Perak) attended

ESB. From form 1 until upper-6 plus the teachers and staff! We’d like to express our utmost appreciation to Pn. Hajah Rahmah (the principal) and Mr. Vijay and the

gang for making us feel right at home. Wow..6 days in one school. Yup, it can be done!

Ramadhan last year, we went to STARS for the first time. That was a few weeks before SPM 2007. According to Mdm Principal, the seminar helped to motivate the students to do well in the exam. The

school targeted a 5% improvement in the SPM English result. Well, they’ve got what they wanted… and more. The result jumped up by 9%. Hooraayyy!!!

So, this year Pn. Hjh Rahmah decided to ‘inject & infect’ her beloved ones (including teachers and staff) with a dose of ESB.

To all STARS citizens…. we salute you. Have fun creating an English-friendly environment in your school. Be ‘selamba’ and have fun wrestling with English.

p/s: we also had a group of TAHFIZ students on board on the 5th day. They were ‘Selamba’ too..:-)))


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  1. hai coach… remember me? i form Smk Tun Abdul Razak Selekoh….
    Form 5 Science…

  2. muhammad rashdan

    hi coach…your english WRESL formula was really help me and my friend in english…thanks.i was form 2 tekun at Smk Tun Abdul Razak Selekoh

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