IQ Blocks for those who love challenges!!

Musa loves to play with IQ blocks!
Why Musa? He said, while eyes still on the blocks,”I love to think”.
(at one time, Musa’s nose bled after playing with the blocks for 3 hours non-stop. we thought it was because of the ‘intensive thinking’ but thank God it was something else) 😉
Let’s create a thinking society. One that loves to use the brain not emotions. Let’s utilise our millions of unused neurons so that we can be better.
We have always propagated that “readers are leaders”. People who do not read, a lot, can never be successful. We have always admired Tun for his foresights. He is an avid reader. Extensive reader. That’s how he survived more than 2 decades of premiership.
If it’s not too much to say here, Saddam was also a book lover. Go ahead and ask around, all GREAT leaders are natural readers. Why? Read more, know more = more power!
Reading is thinking. IQ blocks can also help us to think.
Some people relax with physical activities. Running, singing, sleeping 🙂
Other people, after a long day of work that involves thinking, relax themselves by engaging in mental activities. Reading, Chess, IQ Blocks.
Oh, talking about IQ blocks, which is a funtabulous recreation for all age levels, WE SELL THEM! Yes, if you would like to have one, which we highly recommend, do send us an e-mail ( or SMS (012-2017353)
Don’t be selfish by buying one for yourself only, buy like 20 or 30, give them away as gifts. People love this kind of stuff. Let’s create a thinking society. A society than CAN think for themselves, not what OTHERS want them to THINK!!

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