IIUM students’ comments on ESB

Thanks to Bro Murshed of the Students Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU) ESB has got a very detailed analysis on the seminar. Normally we got comments and suggestions written on a piece of paper, which we keep them dearly. For sure, we were amazed and impressed to see such an elaborate analytical and graphic observation of our seminar.

This is just part of it though.

For the record, the venue and refreshment were out of our jurisdiction. Nevertheless, we loved the cozy little SLEU hall and the food was simply sumptuous. (Coach Sha had 2 extra servings.) We had the pleasure of dining with our friends- Mr. Osman Affan (www.osmanaffan.com) and Mr. Ihsan aka Deen (www.simplytranslate.net).


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  1. Asalamualaikoum, well it seemed that this was the 2nd seminar in IIUM. By the way, am Muhammad Faaleh from Mauritius, I was with you guys for 4hrs today! Truly, it was awesome; may you guys succeed and keep improving in your aims. I was really sad that some of my friends didn’t come to assist your seminar, they had truly miss loads. Well I am a very fluent speaker in more than 5 languages alhamdulillah including english, but whatever i gained through your seminar today was simply awesome. This is what is missing in the curriculum of our schools and universities. Especially the listening part, i realized that I couldn’t grasp the meaning of the lectures unless i choose to, and this was what i was missing the whole time in my life till now. Anyway I wish you best of luck and given am a new student in IIUM, hopefully i’ll be seeing you around insha Allah! Take care and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family! And do keep it up! By the way bro Ridz, i’ll definitely vote for you in the election if ever this happen and also of course if i turned out to become a malay overnight! hehe Ma’assalam

  2. assalamu’alaikum coach sha and coach ridz.! :>>
    How are you?
    It was very great to be your participant in a program conducted by you people!
    I feel very honoured to know good muslims such you people. Hope to see you again at IIUM,Insya ALLAH.
    Please have a visit at my house in this eid.
    See you then. Insya ALLAH.

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