A reply to bro Tarmizi’s question

“i want to speak english with my friends but their do not know how to speak ennglish! what i can do for them?”

Good question bro and congrats for making the choice to upgrade yourself to learn to speak english.
It’s very simple actually, but your friend must get excited too.
This is how you should start.
1. Keep on speaking even if your friends are not. If they are school students about your age then they should be able to understand. Unless they are from another planet. 🙂 Because when you speak with your friends, you speak normal stuff right? Daily stuff. Things that happen everyday. eg. places you went, people you met, things you did.
If they are supportive friends they will respect your choice to speak and they will try to listen and when they listen, they can understand. Use body language too ok?

2. If they want to try, encourage them to use basic daily dialogues like:
what’s up?”
“let’s go man!”
“where are u going?”
“let’s eat!”
Start with these and many more of your own choice and once you guys can say these comfortably then English will be easy to you and your friends.

3. Keep a jotter with you to write down phrases that you want to change to English. In your conversation, whenever there are phrases or words that you want to know in English, write them down and get help from experts eg, your teacher. This can help expand and increase your vocabulary. You will learn new words and phrases and that’s POWER.

4. Listen more to English when you are together. Radio, MP3 or anything that’s in English. The key to good writing is extensive reading. You read more, you will automatically write more. Same with speaking, listen more and speaking will be easier. More input, more output. The more you feed your brain with listening, the more you can speak in English. Your brain is like a fuel tank, if you do not pump in enough fuel, it can never go far.

Remember to be SELAMBA. Just speak English little by little. be comfortable using it and you’ll be confident. You will be fluent sooner or later.


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