Jihad Bisnes!!


During my INFAQ shooting (Episode 2), we went to JCorp to interview its CEO, Tan Sri Muhammad Ali bin Hashim.

A day before the interview I was given a book written by the great man, “Bisnes Satu Cabang Jihad ” (2003) and I ‘fell in love’ with his ideas and what he has been doing so far. A Platonic love. He also wrote several other books in case you are interested, one of them was eg ‘Membujur Lalu, Melintang Patah” (1996). (p.s. according to Puan Ainon of PTS, the latter did not do well in terms of sale because of the title. It was a book on management but the title sounded more like a novel….I agree)

One of the things that impressed me a lot is his ambitions in business. One of them is pertaining KFC. As you know, JCorp owns KFC Malaysia. He said that one day he would like to see JCorp taking over KFC America. Ambitious? You bet!

Since then I’d share this story whenever I can especially during my ESB Seminar.



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