I believe I can fly!

We met another cool dude en route to Sabah from KL. We saw Dato’ Tony Fernandes before we boarded and we thought he was checking on his subjects or something but to our delight he was heading to KK too. He was on the same flight with us! We are SUCCESS MAGNETS, to be successful we ought to learn from successful people. We must never let this opportunity pass by. Gotta go and chat with this man.

As expected from a successful businessman with good PR, Dato’ Tony made a point to greet every single one of the passengers on the plane. We sat near the cockpit. Imagine our excitement waiting for him to reach us. Once he arrived, pretending to be casual, I said, “Hello Dato’! You’re going to KK too?” (one heck of a stupid question but that was Malaysian courtesy, i.e. asking the obvious).

We chatted quite a while and towards the end I said to him,”Whatever you are doing Dato’, keep it up, you are doing a great job” and he said “Well, I’m giving my best!”.

As an English Coach of course I would listen to the way he spoke. His English was immaculate, a refined one I should say. Would do anything to have another chance just to chat with this guy.



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  1. ni budak naimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………..
    naimianzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz forever

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