Marvellous Mrs J!!


Mrs Jagjeet Singh aka Mrs J, not JAY. In case you do not know her, let me enlighten you with what I discovered about this genial and pleasant grandmother. Yup, she’s 67. She jogs/walks 6 miles per day. Hmmm…no wonder!

I attended her full-house session on Public Speaking at Taylor’s College. It was a FREE half day seminar Organised by UTS Alumni. She did it for FREE too. Salute Mrs J!

She started off as a school teacher and the first posting was in Jeli, Kelantan. Prior to that she studied in UM where she commuted almost daily from Kajang to PJ by bus. She was a mother of two at that memorable time. Now she’s a full time English consultant, running her own company and at the same time raising her grandchildren.

She’s well known as the Malaysian University Debate team coach. The pioneer with IIUM Debate team. Now she’s mostly invited to be one of the distinguished judges. An honour to the country too.

Go Mrs J!



Posted on February 28, 2008, in Side Story. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. hafi rozerin

    hehe.. miss mss J so much.. she was my lecturer during my days at PPP/ITM shah alam…

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