UTHM ‘professional’ students all fuelled up!

Yesterday, Monday 17th, the coaches were invited by our dear friend Mr. Osman Affan (osmanaffan.com) to join forces in a programme. Southbound to Ulu Tiram from KL. To tell you the truth, the journey was not that far. 329km was a breeze coz normally we had to make the JB journey all the way from Taiping.

The programme was organised by UTHM’s Counselling Unit. All 42, 3-pointer students who attended the programme have set their goal – to be 1st class students when they graduate and of course, they are up to the challenge. Getting a 3.7 and above CGPA should not be a big deal when they apply all they’ve learned throughout the programme.

UTHM students

We introduced our FUELLED – Becoming a Professional Student Module . We also got the opportunity to present our forte, ESB Speaking. It simply blew their mind away. (Those who have attended ESB before 🙂 would agree)

We would like to thank Mr Osman for giving us the opportunity and looking forward for more collaboration. We would also like to say ‘you are the best’ to UTHM 3-pointers who attended the programme. Lastly to the UTHM team who took part in the seminar (Ms. Aspalaila and Ms. Nora), thank you for the hospitality.

Coach Ridz the joker


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  1. Wow… the participants were very happy to be in your program. I bet you’ve done a very good job! Well done!!!

    Keep it up!!!

  2. Savannah Hill ke tu? I was there last week. Beautiful place, macam taknak balik lepas tu.

  3. well done!!!! very interesting approach….

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